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Partnerships with ethical professionals are essential to our success. Collaborative ecological and educational projects with private, public, and independent sector groups form the foundation of our efforts. Our partners are professionals who also have the highest caliber credentials.

Some of our partners include:

Civil Services, Inc. (Ronald E. Hilton, P.E.)
Jacksonville, FL

Coastal Tech, Inc. (Michael Walther, P.E.)
Vero Beach, FL

Conway Conservation, Inc. (Linda Conway Duever, Principal)
Micanopy, FL

Decision Makers Forum, Inc. (Martha Musgrove, President)
West Palm Beach, FL

DHI Visual Communications, Inc. (Carl Miller, President)
Vero Beach, FL & Chicago, IL

Estuarine, Coastal and Ocean Science, Inc. (ECOS; Dr. R. Grant Gilmore, Jr., Senior Scientist)
Vero Beach, FL

JAS Water Resource Consulting, Inc. (Joseph A. Schweigart, Principal)
West Palm Beach, FL

Knight, McGuire & Associates, Inc. (David Knight and Scott McGuire, Principals)
Vero Beach, FL

Lewis Environmental, Inc. (Robin Lewis, Principal)
Salt Springs, FL

Ruth Meyers, Senior Fellow
The Audubon Partnership, Inc.
Vero Beach, FL

Native Habitat, Inc. (Allan McCarthy & Lee Rathbun, Principals)
Vero Beach, FL

Ruth Stanbridge Historical Research Associates
Vero Beach, FL

Ryan Morrell, GIS Consulting
Vero Beach, FL

The Sustainable Ecosystem Institute (Deborah Brosnan, President)
Portland, OR http://www.sei.org

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